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Not Necessarily The Nose: 'A Star Is Born' (Again)

Oct 12, 2018

We now have no fewer than four big screen versions of A Star Is Born.

There's the 1937 original, the Judy Garland/James Mason remake, the Barbra Streisand/Kris Kristofferson remake... and now's there's the Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper remake, which is directed by Cooper, and which might just take the fall movie season by storm.

This hour: a Noseish (but not quite actually The Nose) look at the phenomenon of A Star Is Born.

Some other stuff that happened this week, give or take:


  • Jim Chapdelaine - An Emmy Award-winning musician, producer, composer, and recording engineer; and a patient advocate for people with rare cancers (@jimchap)
  • Lara Herscovitch - Singer, songwriter, poet, performer, and social worker (@laraherscovitch)
  • David Sims - Staff writer at The Atlantic; cohost of Blank Check with Griffin and David (@davidlsims)

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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.