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The Nose Tricks AND Treats

Oct 31, 2014

Credit Ruth Hartnup / Flickr Creative Commons

Here are the three stories going up the Nose today.

In August Shoshana Roberts took a walk through the streets of New York City followed by a hidden camera. Over 10 hours she was verbally harassed 108 times by men yelling stuff. That doesn't even count the whistles and other nonverbal noises - one guy walked right next to her for five minutes. It's not exactly news but it captured something. The video has been watched more than 22.4 million times. But, some people have issues with the way race is shown in it.

Meanwhile, the elementary schools of Newington decided to pull Halloween parades and parties out of the school day and became a national culture war story.  

And, a wine columnist questions the symbolic use of wine among female protagonists on TV.

Here are some other headlines we've been emailing about:

  1. Jose Canseco Blew His Middle Finger Off While Cleaning His Gun
  2. Honey Boo Boo's distraught father 'to launch' custody battle after nine-year-old's mother Mama June lets child molester lover get close to daughter
  3. Brittany Maynard on decision to die: Now ‘doesn’t seem like the right time’

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