The Nose Scratches Itself with a Chopstick

Jul 29, 2016

HBO's new limited series "The Night Of" is, we're pretty sure, the first psoriasis noir masterpiece.

John Turturro -- in James Gandolfini's, and then Robert De Niro's, stead -- plays John Stone, a defense attorney with a skin condition who's stuck wearing sandals, and eventually Saran Wrap, in public.

Riz Ahmed plays Naz, Stone's teenaged, Pakistani client who's stuck in jail, accused of a crime we're almost sure he didn't commit.

The eight-episode miniseries -- created by the novelist Richard Price and filmmaker Steven Zaillian (who wrote "Schindler's List," among other things) based on a BBC series -- is a slow-burn cops and lawyers procedural/jailhouse drama that's entirely informed by the post-"Serial," post-"Making of a Murderer" world it lives in.

The Nose has watched the three episodes that have aired so far, and we're hooked.

Also: You may have heard that there was some big convention this week and some other big convention last week. We've heard too.


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