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The Nose Remembers Its Boyhood

Aug 8, 2014

Credit Tony Atler / Flickr Creative Commons

Watching Richard Linklater's "Boyhood", you keep waiting for the car crash, or the random act of violence that puts one of the characters into Intensive Care. Not because he gives you any reason to expect that, but because watching a lot of movies and television conditions us to anticipate a rhythm of plot points and dramatic upheavals, and then they don't come. Because one of Linklater's points is that time itself is a series of upheavals. Just growing up and growing old is a harrowing, exciting, and mind-blowing process. It turns out that the best way to make a movie about everything is to make a movie in which not much happens. We'll talk about the wildly original "Boyhood" on The Nose.

Also on our radar screens, imagine you're a monkey. Imagine you've grabbed a curious-looking box with a lens and a button on it, and you snag it from a human to take a selfie. Why shouldn't that photo belong to you? And To Spank or Not To Spank? In 2014, it is still very much a question.

More possibilities:

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  3. This kid will have the nickname "Apparently" for the rest. Of. His. Life. This video has been watched almost 10 million times. You go, Apparently (the future host of the Apparently McEnroe Show).
  4. When it's time to buy new stamps, you might not care what they look like. Or you might enjoy the choice between an American flag design or one with fireworks. The U.S. Stamp Committee, however, Is (Still) Up in Arms About a Harry Potter Stamp.
  5. Could you go a whole week without complaining? Are you any better if you boast on Facebook that you went a whole week without complaining?
  6. Check out these weird, funny signs one couple have been making to combat abortion protestors. #bringbackCrystalPepsi

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