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The Nose: Our Favorite Superheroes & Rioting In Canada?

Jun 17, 2011

Sports and superheroes have certain elements in common. Maybe I just want to think that because today we're going to talk about superhero movies like the Green Lantern and the Spider-Man Broadway musical. 

In fact, could I pause for just a second and say that, in my comic book years, it was always "The Green Lantern," but it seems like on the movie it's just "Green Lantern." Whatever. It was a stupid concept then and it's probably not much better now.  In sports and superheroes, we outsource some of our frustrations, but it seems as though, in the case of sports, our frustrations stay a little closer to us.  There were serious riots in Vancouver this week after that city's NHL loss, which raises questions about whether you're supposed to riot when you win or when you lose. Or whether Canadians just do everything a little different. Leave your comments below, e-mail or Tweet us @wnprocolin.