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The Nose: The Newly-Ending Stories

Oct 7, 2011

Even though I deplore what he said about President Obama on Fox & Friends and even though he seems, in general, like kind of a deplorable person, I kinda wish everybody would reconsider the idea of dropping Hank Williams Jr. from Monday Night Football's opening. There's some ethos of excess and yahooism that Hank captures perfectly, and, really, here at NPR, we've learned some hard lessons abou tossing people named Williams aside just because they said something stupid on television.

So Hank Williams is an idiot. Is this some kind of big surprise? Did you think he was Paul Krugman or something? Have you been watching him all these years? Today on The Nose, we'll talk about the passing of many things - Hank, Friendly's, Steve Jobs, maybe The Simpsons... And maybe our own hopelessly dated notions of what a protest movement is.

So let's hit it! Let's hit it!

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