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The Nose Goes To 'Logan'

Mar 24, 2017

James "Logan" Howlett -- Wolverine -- is maybe the only X-Men character to appear in every adaptation of the franchise to date, including now nine feature films. Logan, though, is different from the eight movies that precede it in certain ways. It's R-rated. It contains many utterances of certain four-letter words. It's incredibly, and graphically, violent. It's maybe more of a neo-western set in the future than it's a comic book movie.

The Nose has thoughts about all that and, too, about some of this:


  • Rebecca Castellani - A scholar of modern literature
  • James Hanley - Co-founder of Cinestudio at Trinity College
  • Sam Hatch - Co-hosts The Culture Dogs on Sunday nights on WWUH

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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.