The Nose: Gingrich's Allure, The Italian Captain Jumps Ship, And Award Show Arguments

Jan 20, 2012

Newt Gingrich, Frencesco Schettino and singer Lana Del Rey. They've all had bad weeks and probably none of them wants to be lumped in with the other two. All three have come in for quite a bit of scorn over the last few days, and they'll all be discussed on this episode of The Nose.

Gingrich, of course, is in the thick of a fight for the Republican nomination and, even as he burst in the lead in South Carolina, he was dragged back into sordid and painful stories about the sloppy conclusions of each of his first two marriages.

Schettino is the captain who violated seafaring tradition and abandoned his ship way the heck too early. The denunciations of his cowardice are a reminder that, even in this post-modern age of irony and giving up on everything, there are still places where virtue is expected and demanded.

And Del Rey. She might be an example of a wine that was served before its time. But how do you spell wine?

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