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The Nose is Getting Weird (Al)

Jul 25, 2014

Credit Matthew Glover / Flickr Creative Commons

Breathes there a man with soul so dead that he has never written a song parody?

Everybody does right? They get passed around on the schoolyard from the time we're little. Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, etc.

And, you might knock one out for a co-workers retirement party.

And, the internet is one big old song parody farm. In between last week's Nose on which we talked about a really terrible Comcast users service call and now, somebody on YouTube has set that call to music.  No kidding.

So, maybe we devalue the song parody as an art form. If I can do it why get so worked up about Weird Al Yankovic or Allan Sherman. That's a question we'll be pondering today, even as Weird Al has the best season of his 30-year career.  How did Weird Al finally get a number 1 record

Also, up for grabs today on The Nose, the sociology of air-conditioning and free-to-be-gluten-free-you-and-me.

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