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The Nose Doesn't Want To Quit Louis CK

Sep 1, 2017

For years, there have been rumors about things Louis CK may or may not have done to women. And for years, women have been saying that CK should address the rumors. He hasn't really, and so the rumors have stayed rumors so far.

What should we make of a story like this one? Should we ignore rumors because they're rumors? We've been down that road before, haven't we? But then, unfounded rumors have a way of becoming "fact," and what do we do about that?

Or: Are we ignoring it simply because it's the beloved Louis CK?

The Nose wades carefully into these waters.

Other possible topics include:


  • Jim Chapdelaine - Emmy Award-winning musician, producer, composer, and recording engineer, and a patient advocate for people with rare cancers
  • Rand Richards Cooper - Novelist, essayist, and critic
  • Theresa Cramer - A writer and the editor of E Content Magazine, and founding editor of The Cut

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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.