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The Nose: Cuckie Monster and Crimson Tide

Aug 14, 2015

Last week's Republican debate created chaos on the internets:  Trump insulted Fox's Megyn Kelly, which naturally led to ladies live tweeting their periods at the wanna-be President. And a new slang was born: "Cuckservative."  

According to The Guardian, "a conservative who is not conservative enough for some other conservatives, with implications of cowardice and sexual impotence and/or deviance." Or, is it a kind of racist porn slur? 

"Sesame Street" is coming to HBO. There are jokes. 

And did William Shakespeare like to get high? Media outlets on both sides of the Atlantic jumped on forensic analysis of pipes from Shakespeare's garden, with many taking irreverent delight in how they reported the news. 

These topics and more, this hour on The Nose. 


  • Rand Richards Cooper - author, essayist, and restaurant critic for the New York Times
  • Rebecca Castellani - a scholar of modern literature 
  • David Edelstein - Film critic at New York Magazine, NPR's Fresh Air, and CBS Sunday Morning 

“Run For President” by Just Water
 “I Want to get High” by Cypress Hill
“Punkinhead Shuffle” by Luke Bulla 


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Chion Wolf contributed to this show.