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The Nose On Bernardo Bertolucci, Fresh Air, And 'Creed II'

Nov 30, 2018

Bernardo Bertolucci directed The Last Emperor (which won nine Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director), Last Tango in Paris, The Dreamers, 1900, and Little Buddha, among other movies. Bertolucci died on Monday. He was 77.

In the years since it was released with an X rating in 1972, the infamous Last Tango in Paris -- and its infamous "butter scene" -- have complicated Bertolucci's legacy. In the days since Bertolucci's death, our friend David Edelstein made a tasteless butter-scene joke on Facebook, retracted the joke and apologized, and was fired from NPR's Fresh Air.

And: Creed II is the eighth movie in the Rocky film franchise, the second movie in the Creed spinoff franchise, and a direct sequel to both Creed and Rocky IV. Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, and Dolph Lundgren all reprise their familiar roles. But Creed director Ryan Coogler (who's been a little busy with another franchise and 2018's highest-grossing movie, Black Panther) has been replaced by Steven Caple Jr. The Nose weighs in, so to speak.

Some other stuff that happened this week, give or take:


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