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News From Egypt on "Day Of Departure"

Feb 4, 2011

After 11 days of uprising, tens of thousands of Egyptians gathering in Cairo’s Central Square have declared today the “Day of Departure.”   

 But the immediate departure of the country’s president is far from certain UN estimates 300 people dead across the country over the past 10 days, but reports say that the mood today has once again become one of celebration. Demonstrators are marching on the presidential palace and the military had pledged to keep their firing at bay – a promise that has so far been kept. Now, the world waits to see if Hosni Mubarak will keep his promise to transition out of power.   The Obama administration is discussing a proposal for Mubarak to resign immediately and turn over power to a transitional government. But the world is also watching President Obama’s high wire diplomatic act – and what it will mean for future relations with the Islamic world.