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A New Nuclear Arms Race?

Sep 29, 2017

With the threat of nuclear weapons from North Korea, questions about the future of the Iran nuclear deal, and more aggressive, nationalistic rhetoric coming from the U.S president -- could we see nukes being used again?

This hour, national security expert Ellen Laipson talks to us about “the return of the nuclear arms race” -- a panel she’ll be a part of at the upcoming World Affairs Council’s of CT’s Global Security Forum.

Also, what does it mean to “love thy Neighbor?” The Connecticut Council for Interreligious Understanding is tackling that question at a community dinner next week. We’ll hear from some of the participants.

And, Sunday is the centennial of Fannie Lou Hamer’s birth. Do you know her story? We’ll hear from the woman who created the musical “Fannie Lou” all about the voting and civil rights activist.


  • Ellen Laipson - Director of International Security program at Schar School of Government and Public Policy at George Mason University
  • Terry Schmitt - Executive Director of the Connecticut Council for Interreligious Understanding 
  • Heidi Hadsell - President of the Hartford Seminary 
  • Rev. Stephen Camp - Senior Pastor at the Faith Congregational Church in Hartford
  • Kathryn Lofton - Professor of religious studies, american studies, and history at Yale University
  • Felicia Hunter - Creator of the musical "Fannie Lou"  

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