The New Haven Nose Watched Both Of The New Dave Chappelle Specials

Jan 12, 2018

Dave Chappelle somewhat famously walked away from his Comedy Central series and went twelve years without releasing a comedy special. He broke that streak by putting out no less than four specials in 2017, and now he's maybe threatening to go back on another hiatus? Netflix released two new Chappelle specials -- "Equanimity" and "The Bird Revelations" -- on December 31, and The Nose has watched both.

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  • Lucy Gellman - Editor of The Arts Paper and host of WNHH radio's Kitchen Sync
  • Shawn Murray - Stand up comedian and writer and a host of the Fantasy Filmball podcast
  • Mark Oppenheimer - Editor-at-large for Tablet Magazine and host of the podcast Unorthodox

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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.