New Haven Man Will Not Have To Return To Prison 13 Years Later | Connecticut Public Radio

New Haven Man Will Not Have To Return To Prison 13 Years Later

Apr 3, 2019

After several twists and turns it appears that Demetrius Anderson will not have to serve a 16-month federal sentence years after being released from prison. 

Marshals showed up at Anderson’s apartment in New Haven a couple of weeks ago with a warrant signed by a U.S. District Court judge for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, saying he had failed to serve his federal sentence from over a decade ago.

Last week Anderson and his attorney Michael Dolan thought the case was pretty much wrapped up.

“It was a government error and it’s been determined by the Bureau of Prisons that his sentence has been served,” Dolan said. “That came from the computations department at the Bureau of Prisons and it also came from the U.S. Attorney’s office from the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.”

43-year-old Anderson, who now works for New Haven’s parks department, was sentenced in federal and state courts in separate but similar counterfeit and identity-theft crimes in both Connecticut and Pennsylvania. He served 3 years in Connecticut before being paroled -- and assumed he had served his federal time concurrently.

But an internal audit by marshals in Pennsylvania revealed that Anderson should have been turned over to federal authorities following his Connecticut sentence to serve his 16-month federal sentence.

Anderson had been due in federal court in Philadelphia April 4th. But that hearing has now been continued until April 17th. This follows a joint petition from the prosecution and defense supporting the Bureau of Prison’s determination that Anderson’s 16-month sentence has been satisfied.

The judge will decide whether Anderson will still have to pay just over $4,000 in restitution.