Need Help Finding A Summer Read? We've Got You Covered

Jul 13, 2018

Check out some of the titles recommended during this episode here.

Now that it’s summer, it’s time to head to the beach with a good book! For many of us, vacation is one of the few times we get to read for fun. Don’t know what book to pick up? Where We Live has got you covered.

This hour, we help you build your summer reading list, and we want to find out what you’ve been reading as well. We ask NPR Books editor Petra Mayer about her recommendations, from romance to horror.

We also talk with Connecticut author Chandra Prasad. Her new young adult novel Damselfly evokes the classic Lord of the Flies with a modern, diverse cast of teens. How did growing up in Connecticut influence her as a writer?

We also talk with physicist Clifford Johnson about his nonfiction graphic novel, The Dialogues: Conversations about the Nature of the Universe. He explains why he thinks a graphic novel the right medium explain the mysteries of theoretical physics and our universe.

We want to hear from you too--what are you reading this summer?

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  • Petra Mayer - Editor at NPR Books (@petramatic
  • Chandra Prasad - Connecticut-based author of several books, including On Borrowed Wings and Breathe The Sky. Her newest novel, Damselfly, published by Scholastics this March, is her young adult fiction debut (excerpt below) (@chandrabooks)
  • Dr. Clifford Johnson - Theoretical physicist at University of Southern California, who studies particle physics, black holes, and string  theory. He’s the writer and illustrator of the non-fiction graphic novel The Dialogues: Conversations about the Nature of the Universe, released last November from MIT Press (excerpt below) (@asymptotia)
  • Allison Murphy - Children's Librarian at Wallingford Public Library

Read an excerpt from Damselfly by Chandra Prasad (Scholastics) below:

Damselfly (Excerpt) by I Read YA on Scribd

Read an excerpted from The Dialogues: Conversations about the nature of the universe by Clifford V. Johnson below: 

Credit Clifford V Johnson / MIT Press

Excerpted from The Dialogues: Conversations about the nature of the universe, by Clifford V. Johnson (MIT Press)
Credit Clifford V Johnson / MIT Press

Chion Wolf contributed to this show.