Ned Lamont Joins Forces With Susan Bysiewicz; Mark Boughton Gets GOP Nod | Connecticut Public Radio

Ned Lamont Joins Forces With Susan Bysiewicz; Mark Boughton Gets GOP Nod

May 16, 2018

It's a political quagmire that arises every election season. Do you unite behind a single candidate in the spring in hopes of avoiding intra-party divisions in the fall? Or do you let the field of competitors duke it out in a primary and pray that one emerges battle-tested with wide support in time for the general election?

In this year's race for governor, Democrats are heading in the first direction. That's further evidenced this week by likely front-runner Ned Lamont clearing away one of his main Democratic rivals, Susan Bysiewicz, by enlisting her as his running mate. The move is generating mixed opinions.

Connecticut Republicans, on the contrary,  came out of their convention this past weekend with the potential for a six- or seven-man primary on August 14.

Can Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, the winner of the GOP gubernatorial endorsement, maintain his mojo against Tim Herbst and Steve Obsitnik after each secured enough delegate support to automatically appear on the primary ballot? At least four other GOP opponents are scrambling to collect the signatures needed to join them. Can any or all of them pull it off?

Today we get the inside scoop from two of our regular Republican commentators, and check out how other statewide races down-ticket, and in the 5th Congressional District, are shaping up.


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