Murphy Calls Lawsuit Against Obamacare A Trump Administration 'Sabotage Campaign'

Jun 12, 2018

Late last week, the Department of Justice announced it would not defend the Affordable Care Act in a lawsuit filed by 20 conservative state attorneys general.

The AGs contend key parts of the ACA are unconstitutional, including a provision which requires insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, who sits on the Senate's Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, told Connecticut Public Radio's Where We Live that the DOJ's decision is disappointing, but not surprising.

“The Trump administration has waged a pretty consistent assault campaign, trying to destroy the Affordable Care Act, and this is just the latest step in that campaign,” said Murphy.

While Murphy believes the lawsuit is without merit, he said he is concerned that the Trump administration's “sabotage campaign” on the ACA will cause health insurance providers to react accordingly.

“It's going to, I think, prompt the insurance companies to pass along even bigger premium increases, knowing that they are not going to get any help in covering sick people, people with pre-existing conditions from this administration,” Murphy said.

A 2017 Quinnipiac University poll showed registered voters support keeping insurance rates the same for people with pre-existing conditions by a 64-32 percent margin.