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More Resignations At Embattled Connecticut Port Authority

Aug 9, 2019

The former chair of the Connecticut Port Authority has resigned. Scott Bates is just the latest member of the quasi-public to leave amid scandals about how the agency spent taxpayer money.

Governor Ned Lamont accepted Bates’ resignation Friday.

Last month, Bonnie Reemsnyder, its short-lived chair, announced she was stepping down following reports that detailed how the Port Authority, under the leadership of executive director Evan Matthews, purchased decorative art created by Reemsnyder’s daughter. 

Matthews was also placed on leave.

In a statement, Governor Ned Lamont said he’s now putting his budget chief in charge of all financial decisions at the agency. 

In addition, Lamont gave the go-ahead for an independent audit of the Port Authority’s management and finances while also directing it to suspend all new business unless it is related to completing a $93 million investment in New London’s State Pier.

That was a deal Lamont announced to much fanfare earlier this year.

Bates did not immediately respond to a request for comment.