Meet The Candidates: Mary Glassman And Jahana Hayes

Jun 28, 2018

Connecticut's primaries are drawing near and, well, you may have noticed there are a lot of candidates to keep track of.

This hour, we introduce you to two of them: 5th Congressional District hopefuls Mary Glassman (D) and Jahana Hayes (D).

Who are they? And why did they decide to run? We find out and we also hear from you. 

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  • Mary Glassman - Democratic candidate for Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District (@MaryGlassman)
  • Jahana Hayes - Democratic candidate for Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District (@JahanaHayes)


The Connecticut Mirror: Mary Glassman edges Jahana Hayes for CT-5 endorsement - "Glassman, 59, and Hayes, 45, will face off in a primary in August. Hayes appeared to win by a single vote on the second ballot, but vote-switching dropped them into a tie and then yielded a 173-to-167 win for Glassman." 

Hartford Courant: Democratic Panel Nullifies Two 5th Congressional District Votes, But Mary Glassman Still Nets Endorsement - "The votes, cast by members of the New Britain delegation, were nullified but that did not change the results of the convention: former Simsbury First Selectman Mary Glassman remains the endorsed candidate, edging out former national teacher of the year Jahana Hayes of Wolcott by two votes instead of four."

Chion Wolf and Carlos Mejia contributed to this show.