Malloy Launches Plan To Enhance Connecticut's Cybersecurity

May 6, 2018

Connecticut has a new Cybersecurity Action Plan. It provides principles on how businesses, state agencies, towns, law enforcement, and higher education can build a response to cybersecurity threats.

The seven principles include executive awareness and leadership, cyber literacy, preparation, response, recovery, communication, and verification.

The state’s chief security risk officer, Art House, said that of the seven principles, executive awareness and leadership is most important in developing defenses against cybersecurity.

“Specifically, to come up with an assessment of your cybersecurity vulnerabilities and to turn that into a set of actions,” said House, who helped develop the plan.

He said that many businesses have yet to conduct an assessment to determine their vulnerabilities.

As part of the plan, there are a series of goals -- including the state police having a dedicated unit responsible for dealing with cybercrime, for the Connecticut General Assembly prioritizing cybersecurity legislation, and for the Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security having the ability to properly inform the public when an attack happens.