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Low Power To The People, By The People

Feb 23, 2011

Radio wears a lot of different outfits. On one end of the spectrum there's Clear Channel Communications, which owns 900 stations. On the other, there's a guy who broadcasts from the back of a truck in the Collinsville section of Canton on Saturdays.  

We never did find that guy, but we'd like to meet him. (You will, at the end of this show!)  A few notches up in status and legality from that guy are so called low power stations, usually using 100 watts of power and reaching about 3 and a half miles out or more. People who crave diversity and local focus are pinning their hopes to a new wave of low power FMs, but there are others -- including a more-than-40-year-old station at Hartford's Weaver High School -- that have been scraping along for quite a while.  Hyperlocal media, including low power FM, is very muich a response to the corporate consolidation of the mainstream media during the last 20 years.  Leave your comments below, e-mail colin@wnpr.org or Tweet us @wnprcolin. ***This episode originally broadcast February 23, 2011***