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Living With President Trump

Sep 9, 2019

We want to hear your thoughts on what it's like to be "living in a Trump salad," on this all-call Monday. (Colin coined the term.)

First, there's #sharpiegate. Last week, President Trump unleashed on the media for reporting his error tweeting  a warning about Hurricane Dorian that included the state of Alabama. To prevent mass evacuation, the National Weather Service corrected his error. Alabama was not in danger. 

It led to his doctoring of a weather map with a black Sharpie, and two government agencies and a FOX senior White House correspondent backing the president's misinformation. Mocking memes under the hashtag #sharpiegate rose in response to the president's efforts to alter the truth. 

His volatility also led to an impetuous decision to break off peace talks with the Taliban, and questionable U.S. Air Force expenditures at an airport that benefits a Trump property in Scotland. Last week, Vice-President Pence stayed at a Trump hotel while on a taxpayer-funded trip to Ireland.

It would be funny if these incidents didn't serve to further normalize the president's war on truth, the media, and his ability to divert the country's attention away from trade wars, talk of pending recession and other important news. 

What are we to make of all of this? 

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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show