Live from UConn: One-on-One with Susan Herbst

Sep 6, 2013

We’re at the Student Union on the Storrs campus as a new school year is underway, and the state’s flagship school is back in the news once again. They’re planning new facilities, like a $100-million recreation center for students, and they're preparing for an even bigger rebuild that will require a new flow of water onto campus.

There’s also a "flow" of money for top administrators at the school, as some students worry about what this means for the rising cost of college.

The school is prompting new development in and around campus, as the town of Storrs remakes itself. In Hartford, UConn’s entry has been controversial, as the city and school argue over where is best to build.

There are new rules about relationships between students and professors, following an investigation into sexual misconduct. Then there’s the question that happens every fall on many campuses: should we fire the football coach?

We’ll be joined by students who’ll be asking these and more questions of the President of UConn, Susan Herbst.