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A Little Jealousy is Good for Us All

Dec 10, 2014

In his new book, Jealousy, Peter Toohey explores the less talked about side of the green-eyed monster. That is, he takes a look at some of the ways that jealousy can actually be good for us. 

This hour, Peter joins us for a panel discussion about jealousy's impact on creativity. We take a look at how the emotion has fueled some of society's greatest books, plays, songs, and paintings -- and discuss what these works, in turn, tell us about ourselves. 

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  • Peter Toohey - Professor in the Department of Classics and Religion at the University of Calgary; author of Jealousy
  • Martin Fashbaugh - Assistant Professor of English at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota; author of “The economy of jealousy in nineteenth-century British literature”
  • Nerissa Nields - National touring musician, novelist, and life coach


Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.