LISTEN: Cutline On Committing To The Pain Of Change | Connecticut Public Radio

LISTEN: Cutline On Committing To The Pain Of Change

Feb 17, 2021

The Feb. 18 edition of Connecticut Public’s Cutline is titled Everyday White Supremacy. This hourlong special features frank discussions with thought leaders from Connecticut -- and around the country -- on the depth to which both violent and nonviolent white supremacy infect modern society, why people espouse these views and what everyone can do to make for a more equitable world.

One segment of the show features a spirited discussion with activist and artist Drew John Ladd and famed anti-racism educator Jane Elliott. They talk about how to reach people who are hardened in their white supremacist views, how to convince white people who aren’t (or aspire not to be) racist that the fight for equality is their fight too, and the incorrect white supremacist view that people of color have created nothing of value in the history of the world.