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LISTEN: The Case Against Vaccine Passports

Apr 12, 2021

Now that COVID-19 vaccination shots are becoming more widely available across the country, political and business leaders have been openly discussing instituting “vaccine passports,” a digital or hard-copy document that would serve as a way for people to prove they’ve been vaccinated and thus gain entry into places where groups gather, like airplanes, restaurants and sports and entertainment venues.

New York state, for example, has already launched a voluntary program called “Excelsior Pass.”

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont says he has no plans to develop such a program here, though he supports the rights of businesses to require proof of vaccination prior to service.

Democratic State Rep. Robyn Porter of New Haven wrote the following on Facebook in opposition to the idea of vaccine passports:

“THIS is their backdoor way of mandating it without technically making it a mandate. They are going to try to tell you that you can’t fly, cruise, go to the movies, sports activities, arenas, plays, etc UNLESS you have a COVID VACCINE PASSPORT. Next, it will be you can’t come to work. NOT!!!”

Rep. Porter joined All Things Considered to talk more about why she so staunchly opposes vaccine passports. Hear the interview above.