A Lighter Moment, With Malloy, Biden, and a Bet | Connecticut Public Radio

A Lighter Moment, With Malloy, Biden, and a Bet

Feb 21, 2013

Vice President Joe Biden was in Connecticut to talk about gun control measures at a conference with Governor Dannel Malloy. As WNPR's Jeff Cohen reports, an otherwise somber governor did a little bit to try and make the crowd laugh. Without the vice president in the room, Malloy gave his remarks and said that anytime you get to spend part of your day with Joe Biden is a good day.

And then he said this: "I'm going to bet that he's going to mention either his grandmother or his grandfather at some point in his talk with us." Enter the vice president.

Biden: I had a grandpop named Ambrose Finnegan, and he used to say...

Biden: What the hell is so funny about that?

Malloy then joined Biden at the podium to let him in on the joke.

Malloy: I bet them that you would talk about your grandfather.

Biden: I loved my grandfather...

And then, Biden kept on with his story.

Biden: My grandfather was a very wise man... In a state still dealing with the painful aftermath of the December Newtown shootings, a little laughter at the vice president's expense went a long way.