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The Legal Side Of Impeachment; And We Take Your Calls

Oct 21, 2019

Today, a two-part show. The first part is with an impeachment expert on the House inquiry into whether President Trump abused his power for personal gain. How much trouble is the president in?

In the last two weeks, diplomats and senior advisors have testified against White House orders. They've each told a similar narrative in which all paths lead to the president. 

On Thursday, acting Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney all but confessed to the quid-pro-quo many Republicans have made a criteria for considering impeachment. 

The second-part is for your calls.  The president has become increasingly brazen in his effort to distract from the impeachment proceedings. As we've seen in Syria this week, his reactions can have serious consequences. How low might the president go to loosen the vise that's tightening on him?

How will the president react as the inquiry progresses? How will the inquiry affect the 2020 election? How will it end - will the Senate convict? If not, what happens next?  


  • Ross GarberTeacher of political investigations and impeachment law at Tulane Law School; legal analyst for CNN and and the founding principal of the Garber Group; former chief counsel to two Connecticut governors. He has represented four governors in impeachment proceedings. (@rossgarber)

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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.