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Learning To Live In The Shadow Of Coronavirus

Apr 19, 2020

One can't help but wonder if the President understands that getting through this pandemic will not be a quick sprint. 

On Thursday, the Trump Administration announced guidelines for states to begin reopening the economy, with a goal to begin by May 1. On Friday, the President personally encouraged protesters in Michigan, Minnesota, and Virginia, to "liberate" their states from onerous social-distancing guidelines imposed by their Democratic governors.  On Saturday, protesters from other states joined the fray. 

Social distancing seems to be flattening the curve but we haven’t yet turned a corner. The U.S. averaged 30,000 new cases of Covid-19 during the five days leading up to Friday, April 17. 

Yet, there’s a good chance the Trump Administration will encourage a partial reopening before we’ve significantly increased testing or set up the infrastructure needed to trace the contacts of the infected.  

How do we continue in the shadow of Coronavirus? 

Also this hour: People with serious illnesses outside of Coronavirus are not coming to hospitals. Where are they? Don't ignore heart symptoms. Here's what to look for. 

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Colin McEnroe and Cat Pastor contributed to this show.