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Latino And Iberian Film Festival At Yale Features Films All Weekend Long

Nov 13, 2020

There is still time left to sign-up for this weekend’s Latino and Iberian Film Festival, at Yale.

The festival features films online from countries including Chile, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

This year’s films focus on themes of diversity, truth and justice. They’re topics that festival director Margherita Tortora said she hopes will shed light and truth on common misconceptions that contribute to divisions in our country. 

“One of the main purposes of this festival is to really show how people live in other countries, in all of Latin America - including the Caribbean and Spain and Portugal,” said Tortora. 

All films are free of charge and are presented in their original language with English subtitles.

In Saturday’s line up, there’s a feature film by Dominican filmmaker Hector Valdez  called Malpaso that tells the  story of two brothers growing up near the border of Haiti in the Dominican Republic.

“These micro-histories, the little stories of everyday people are very important to see and understand, people who live in a culture different from ours,” said Tortora. “Some of their real stories, some of the talent of these filmmakers that talk about things that happen now or happened in the history of their countries.” 

The seven-day festival will end on Sunday.