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Kneeling During The Pledge: Peaceful Protest Or Unpatriotic?

Aug 1, 2018

Haddam has been at the center of an uproar ever since Selectwoman Melissa Schlag knelt during the Pledge of Allegiance at a town meeting. For Schlag, it was a way of demonstrating her disapproval of President Donald Trump and his administration's policies. For others, it was an insult to the American flag.

Today, we focus in on what's got people across the country so riled up about Schlag's action and her critics' reactions.

Also two weeks doesn't leave much time to address the many lingering questions that are before the registered Republican and Democratic voters going to the polls August 14 to pick each party's nominee for governor.

Those questions include:

Will Republican Tim Herbst's "law and order" agenda, which includes reinstating the state's death penalty and curtailing early release credits for inmates, win him support from more than just President Trump loyalists?

Can Republican Bob Stefanowski sufficiently explain to GOP voters his past Democratic Party affiliation?

And will ongoing outrage over the police-involved deaths of two teenagers of color hurt Democratic Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim's gubernatorial campaign?


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