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Keno Is Coming To Town

Jun 10, 2013

Usually, on this show, when we tackle anything, we try to start from a fairly neutral launching place. I suppose that claim could be picked apart. But I don't remember feeling so strongly about a topic before the show even started. Simply put, everybody connected with the inclusion of Keno in the Connecticut state budget is going to burn in hell for it.

I would criticize the process by which Keno wound up in Connecticut, but there would have to be a process for me to do that. As you will hear today, there really wasn't. As for the game itself, its relationship to conventional lottery games like Powerball is essentially the relationship between crack cocaine and black coffee. Keno is engineered to make people play it over and over, and the people who play it will be inevitable be the people who can least afford it. So, yes, this is a moral failure by Connecticut's leadership.

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