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Kafka. Need I Say More.

Jan 9, 2019

Most of us know what Kafkaesque means even if we've never read a word Kafka wrote. 

For example, it's Kafkaesque when your smart home turns on you. It's not Kafkaesque when you wait in line for two hours at DMV and they close the line when you get to the front. (Well, it's a little Kafkaesque.)

Franz Kafka, the man whose absurdly dark stories inspired the adjective of the same name, was an ascetic and introspective man. He was given to self-doubt, concerned over his health and obsessed with writing. He said his need to write "left empty all those abilities which were directed toward the joys of sex, eating, drinking, philosophical reflection, and above all music."

Today, we talk about the man behind the adjective and the truly Kafkaesque trial to determine who owned his papers.  


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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show. 

Special thanks to: Lydia Brown, Jonathan McNicol, Catie Talarski and Lily Tyson