Juvenile Justice Reform Through Young Eyes | Connecticut Public Radio

Juvenile Justice Reform Through Young Eyes

Nov 29, 2016

Governor Dannel Malloy wants to close Connecticut’s juvenile jail in Middletown by mid-2018, but what will replace it?

This hour, we hear from the Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance about its new report that includes the perspective of delinquent youth. The youth offer their opinions on how the state can improve its juvenile justice system.

We also talk with State Rep. Toni Walker who co-Chairs a committee that has been studying the system and ways to reform it. And we’ll hear from community providers who are working with juveniles who’ve gotten into trouble with the law. What supports are in place to keep youth from entering adult prison down the road?

We get national perspective, too on how other states are approaching juvenile justice.

Have you or someone you know gone through the juvenile justice system in Connecticut? How should it be improved?


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Chion Wolf contributed to this show.