'Just More Nickel-And-Diming': Connecticut Shoppers Condemn New Prepared Foods Tax | Connecticut Public Radio

'Just More Nickel-And-Diming': Connecticut Shoppers Condemn New Prepared Foods Tax

Sep 13, 2019

Certain items bought at the grocery store will soon cost a little extra. The state is due to make an extra penny on every dollar spent on prepared food items under a meals tax that will take effect on October 1. 

Rotisserie chicken, pizza slices, and a bag of hot popcorn are among items that Connecticut residents will pay a little more for at the checkout lane.

Next time Elizabeth Wytas goes to the grocery store, she might think twice about spending $25 on three types of sushi. It also sounds like she’s already re-thinking her vote for Ned Lamont.

“I think it’s crazy – everything’s being taxed to death in this state," said Wytas on a shopping trip to a Manchester Big Y. "That’s probably why so many people are leaving.”

She’s actually in the middle of moving from Tolland to Manchester. But she said things like this may push her to move out of Connecticut entirely – maybe north.

“In Massachusetts and New Hampshire, groceries are not taxed. it’s just one more thing that’s going to get taxed in this state,” said Wytas.

Rob Armstrong from Andover said that the state’s just ‘nickel-and-diming’ its residents. And he has an alternative suggestion for lawmakers.

“Plenty of money comes in. Cut some spending," he said. "You never see that in the budget – they don’t want to cut anything.”

The state expects to make $48.3 million over the first 9 months the tax is in effect; and then $65 million the year after that.