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Income Tax, Insurance Costs, Dog Biscuits

Sep 7, 2016

It’s the 25th anniversary of Connecticut’s income tax. Opponents of that tax will tell you lots of reasons why it’s hurt the state. Proponents will tell you that it’s a necessary tool to pay for government services. But one reality has really taken hold over the last few years.

We seem to have absolutely NO idea how much money we’re going to get from the state income tax year to year - and that makes state budgeting, already a pretty difficult proposition, really, really tough. So, no surprise that once again, tax revenues are falling short. But what else is happening to plug the budget hole?

This hour, we consider what rising healthcare costs will mean for Connecticut, and why exactly we’re going to be paying more. And, we look into a couple more cushy gigs for state government officials. Plus - the mayor who brought us live updates of "The Walking Dead," and uncomfortable hip-hop language on Twitter, now brings biscuits?


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Catie Talarski and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.