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How The Tenacious Coyote Conquered North America

May 24, 2021

Have you spotted a coyote in your neighborhood? These carnivores can live just about everywhere, from Canada to Central America, from California to -- just recently -- Long Island.

This hour, we talk with two researchers that study coyotes. We learn about how coyotes have expanded their range over the last 200 years to cover much of North America.

As other species have struggled to survive amidst human habitat destruction, why has the scrappy coyote been able to thrive?  We want to hear from you, too. Do you have coyotes in your town or city?

Do you like seeing them, or do you worry they will snag your cat for supper?


  • Dr. Christopher J. Schell - Assistant Professor of Urban Ecology at University of Washington Tacoma
  • Dr. Carol Henger - Postdoctoral Fellow at the Wildlife Conservation Society at the Bronx Zoo; she studied New York city’s coyote population for her dissertation research

Cat Pastor contributed to this show which originally aired December 11, 2020.