How Cities Can Survive The Pandemic | Connecticut Public Radio

How Cities Can Survive The Pandemic

Jan 4, 2021

With the ongoing pandemic, what do municipalities need to do to stay afloat?  This hour, we look at neighborhoods and towns in Connecticut working to keep their residents connected and businesses thriving during this pandemic. We hear from residents in Westville, a small thriving community in New Haven. We also hear from New London - a city looking to revitalize and create more resiliency. 

Coming up, we learn what urban design has to do with it - building up a city involves a lot more planning than you think! 

We want to hear from you. What’s happening in your neighborhood?


  • Lizzy Donius - Executive Director Westville Village Renaissance Alliance

  • Ken Greensburg - Urban Designer and City Builder, Principal at Greenberg Consultants

  • Felix Reyes - Director of Economic Development and Planning for the City of New London