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An Hour With Martin Amis

Mar 8, 2018

The Times of London has said that Martin Amis "is as talented a journalist as he is a novelist." His latest collection of essays and reportage covers 1994 through 2017, Travolta through Trump.

Amis joins us for the hour.

This show is the 21st part of a new experiment: Radio for the Deaf. Watch a simulcast of signers from Source Interpreting interpreting our radio broadcast in American Sign Language on Facebook Live.


  • Martin Amis - The author of 14 novels, two short story collections, and eight works of nonfiction; his latest is The Rub of Time: Bellow, Nabokov, Hitchens, Travolta, Trump -- Essays and Reportage, 1994-2017

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Betsy Kaplan and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.