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An Hour With Joyce Maynard

Sep 26, 2018

Joyce Maynard has been writing for over 45 years about the kind of human experiences we're often taught to keep hidden - stories  about envy, anger, vanity, self-pity, pride.  

We read her stories because they offer a chance to first confront and then forgive ourselves for how those emotions can shape us into people we don't like. 

Her honesty has come at a cost to her. 

She has been criticized for writing about her relationship as an 18-year-old with a famous 53-year-old writer after 26 years of silence. She was told she should have kept quiet.  She did this 20 years before #MeToo.

Today, we have a wide-ranging discussion with Joyce Maynard about politics, #MeToo, art, music and her marriage at 59-years-old to a love who died from cancer 3 short years later.  We'll talk about all of that and more.


  • Joyce Maynard - Author of more than 15 books, including the novels Labor Day and To Die For, both of which became major films, and two memoirs, At Home in the World and most recently, The Best of Us. (@joycemaynard)

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Colin McEnroe and Jonathan McNicol contributed to this show.