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A Home for Wounded Veterans and Their Families

Oct 27, 2011

Most people have heard of Ronald McDonald houses that provide a place for sick children and their families to stay while seeking medical treatment. But chances are you haven't heard of a Fisher House. Now there's an effort to build one in West Haven.

There are 54 Fisher Houses around the country since the program started in 1990. The homes provide a place for wounded veterans and their families to stay while getting care at a military hospital. Retired Army Officer, Attorney Kevin Creed and his law partner, Bruce Newman began a fundraising effort a few years ago to build a Fisher House in Connecticut.

Creed says instead of paying to stay in hotels indefinitely, veterans and their families stay for free at a Fisher House and enables them to participate in treatment.

"Especially for traumatic brain injury, burns, amputations, the military doctors encourage the family to be there and they actually go into physical therapy rooms and help.  It's not like they're sitting outside reading a book while this is happening. They're inside helping with rehab. It's tremendous for the recovery of soldiers when they have the love and support of family members there."

Fisher House Connecticut is working to raise $3 million. Once the goal is met, the Fisher House Foundation will match it to build a 16,000 square foot home on the campus of the West Haven VA. The house will have enough space for 21 families and up to 80 veterans at a time.

The goal is to break ground in April 2013. More information can be found at http://www.fisherhousect.org and the Fisher House Foundation at www.fisherhouse.org.