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Holy Week During Covid-19: What Does It All Mean?

Apr 10, 2020

It’s Holy Week for many Americans, a heightened time of prayer and meditation and looking inward. But it doesn’t matter what your religion is, or if you don’t feel compelled to engage with religion at all. It seems like every one of us has been looking inward in the past month or so.

This hour, Rev. Dr. Shelley Best on how she, as a faith leader, is making sense of all this. What does this pain and death mean - if anything at all? How is she reconnecting with her communities, and how is she finding comfort for herself?

Also, the New York Times has a new obituary section called Those We’ve Lost, remembering some of those who have died due to complications from Covid-19. Their obituaries editor, William McDonald, talks about how this new series got started, who is and will be included, and what it’s like to have to memorialize a member of your own team.

In the final segment: Most of us are hunkered down in our own homes and apartments, but what if you’ve been living with homelessness during this pandemic? You’ll find out how guests at the South Park Inn are coping physically and psychologically with these extreme new circumstances. 

Plus, you’ll hear some perspective and good advice from Connecticut’s 2019 kid governor, Ella Briggs.

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  • Rev. Dr. Shelley Best is the president and CEO of the Conference of Churches, Pastor at Redeemer’s Church in Plainville, and Founder of The 224 Ecospace in Hartford
  • William McDonald is the Obituaries Editor for the New York Times and their new series, Those We’ve Lost
  • Kandyce Aust is the Director of Development and Community Relations for South Park Inn in Hartford
  • Elizabeth Rodriguez is a guest at South Park Inn
  • Reginald Clemens is a guest at South Park Inn
  • Ella Briggs is 2019's Kid Governor for the state of Connecticut

Catie Talarski contributed to this show.