Hit-And-Run Crashes Increasing Nationwide, AAA Says | Connecticut Public Radio

Hit-And-Run Crashes Increasing Nationwide, AAA Says

May 4, 2018

Since 2015, nearly 70 people have died in hit-and-run crashes in Connecticut and hundreds have been injured.

These are defined as crashes where at least one person involved leaves the scene.

According to a report by the nonprofit AAA, the number of hit-and-run crashes has been increasing an average of about 7 percent per year since 2009. Those numbers are independent of overall crashes, which have gone up and down over the study period.

“Distraction, alcohol and drugs, are often a factor in these crashes, but we don’t know specifically what has caused the increase,” said Amy Parmenter, a spokesperson for AAA in Greater Hartford.

She said more 60 percent of those killed were pedestrians or bicyclists.

"As the nicer weather begins, we want people to be aware -- to be cautious,” Parmenter said. “Especially where there might be more pedestrians -- near schools, near parks.”

The study was based on data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.