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Has Society Become Too "Food Foolish"?

Dec 15, 2015

This hour, Food Foolish co-author John Mandyck tells us how reducing global food waste could help mitigate the stresses of hunger, water shortages, and climate change. 

We also learn how the strawberry went from seasonal delicacy to staple food -- and what that’s meant for America’s farm-workers.

And finally, is it time to bid farewell to the banana? We find out how Panama disease is threatening one of the world’s most beloved fruits.


  • John Mandyck - Chief Sustainability Officer at United Technologies Corporation; co-author of Food Foolish: The Hidden Connection Between Food Waste, Hunger and Climate Change
  • Andy Donohue - A senior editor at Reveal, a new national public radio show and podcast from The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX
  • Dr. Gert Kema - Professor at Wageningen University and Research Center

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John Dankosky and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.