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Hartford, New Haven Looking To Get Guns Off The Streets

Dec 15, 2017

A gun buy-back sponsored by local legislators, law enforcement, and medical professionals will take place this Saturday in Hartford and New Haven.

Dr. Brendan Campbell, director of trauma at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, said that many of the emergencies that he sees involving guns are the result of unsecured or improperly stored weapons.

“If you have an unwanted firearm in your home, get rid of it so that it’s not an opportunity for a criminal or that a curious child doesn’t come upon it,” Campbell said. “And second, if you are a gun owner like I am, it is your responsibility to make absolutely certain that your gun is stored safely.”

The Hartford Police Department seized over 470 guns this year and six just this week, according to Deputy Chief Brian Foley. And he said many firearms come from outside the city.

“And with that, your larcenies and burglaries pick up,” Foley said. “They have picked up across the entire region. What are they looking for when they break into somebody’s house? Things worth value, things that they can trade for drugs very easily—that’s firearms.”

Those that participate will receive gift cards. Gun owners can hand-in their guns anonymously if they’d like.