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Hartford Art Show Welcomes Submissions From Pros And Amateurs Alike

Jan 9, 2020

Artists in Hartford and Middlesex counties are encouraged to submit their latest creations to the 2020 National Arts Program. Hartford is one of 90 venues nationwide chosen to participate in the program. The project culminates in a juried show, where artists in a host of categories can win cash prizes.

The Community Renewal Team, or CRT, is a nonprofit provider of human services and has hosted the art show for almost 30 years.

Professional and amateur artists of all ages, working in any medium, can submit up to two works of art free of charge. All artwork submitted will be on display starting next month at Hartford’s Capital Community College, where visitors will decide who will win the “People’s Choice” award.

Jason Black, the communications director for CRT, said the art show brings the community together in a unique way.

“It is an opportunity for us to let everyone who wants to be a part of the arts have that opportunity, and be a part of a really big public program,” said Black. “Where their work can be displayed, where they can receive some credit and accolades from the community, where they can bring their family in to see the show. It really is a wonderful community-driven event.”

The program culminates in the juried art show and reception, where cash prizes will be handed out in categories including “Best of Show.”

For the second year in a row, one of the special categories is called “Teens Looking Out for Teens.”

“It is an opportunity for them to submit artwork that really helps them to express themselves and what they are going through, the social issues that they are thinking about today,” said Black.

Sydney Halsall's painting "Father and Daughter Saturday Morning Watching Sesame Street" won the 2019 Best of Show in Hartford.
Credit Courtesy National Arts Program

He said the National Arts Program always reveals fresh talent, like last year’s Best of Show winner, Sydney Halsall.

“He’s an older gentleman, he’s retired,” said Black. “He’s not a professional artist. He entered in the intermediate category, but he ended up winning the whole show. It was a surprise for a lot of people.”

Artists can register for the show online by going to nationalartsprogram.org/Hartford.