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Gun Control

Feb 22, 2011

It’s been a little more than a month since the shooting of a congresswoman made the nation stop and really think about how it talks about guns.  Well, that didn’t last long.

Here’s a case in point:  When New Haven Mayor John DeStefano announced that he's laying off some city employees, including police, it prompted protests by officers. 

But it also prompted a police union official to tell residents they might need to "arm themselves."  It's a troubling statement in a city that's been plagued by shooting incidents, and has a recent - and uncomfortable - history with "armed citizen patrols" walking the streets. 

The unarmed Guardian Angels group is coming back to the city to help.  We’ll talk to the New Haven Independent’s Paul Bass about the latest controversy surrounding the city’s police department.

Meanwhile, a New Haven-area lawmaker has proposed a statewide gun registry.  Where'd he get the idea?  New Haven's police chief, where else?