Governor's Race Shaken By Republican Candidate's Health Scare | Connecticut Public Radio

Governor's Race Shaken By Republican Candidate's Health Scare

Mar 21, 2018

This is stuff Hollywood couldn't script. Mark Boughton, a leading Republican candidate in the race to be Connecticut's next governor collapsed at a political event in Avon. One of his rivals, Prasad Srinivasan, who happens to be a doctor, rushed over to provide medical care.

Boughton was taken to the hospital and recovered but now faces questions over whether he's physically up to the stresses of being governor. The concerns are based largely on Srinivasan's account of the severity of Boughton's health scare. Boughton downplays the incident. Srinivasan contends the situation was much more life-threatening.

This hour we assess Boughton's medical crisis at a candidate meet-and-greet last week and what the political fallout may be. We also reexamine the entire GOP and Democratic field now that New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart says she is definitely in the running for the state's top office.


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